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Visiting Daimler AG

21.sep.2017 14:17:35

On September 19th Meshcrafts had the pleasure of presenting our SmartCharge solution to Daimler AG at the Mercedes plant in Bremen.

Mercedes is stepping up their focus and production on electric vehicles. In connection with this the need for a charging infrastructure at the different plants is needed. This should cover the needs for all fields at the factory, from production via testing, storage and new car delivery to charging for employees and visitors.

The SmartCharge solution is a software platform developed with the goal of controlling all (most) hardware on the market for charging of electric vehicles. This includes regular sockets, AC-chargers and the fast DC-chargers. We demonstrated our solutions with live examples on functionality and were received with interest. At Meshcrafts we are especially impressed with Daimlers openness to new solutions and talking to new, small companies in the emerging market.

The SmartCharge platform will be delivered in Germany with our partner swb AG.

The future is electric and we will do our best contribute to this development - maybe as part of the Daimler team.

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