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Meshcrafts number 1. Scandinavian startup to know about

05.sep.2016 12:31:23

Techflier.com have taken a look at the Scandinavian emerging tech companies and found 13 companies you should know about. We have a short summary of the article here.

"Despite popular innovations and success stories like Skype and Spotify birthed from the region, many are still surprised to learn of Scandinavia’s prominence in the global startup arena. Given its rising status on the tech startup scene, entrepreneurs and investors are increasingly looking to this region of the world for new ideas and innovations. The following are the top 13 Scandinavian tech startups that should be on your mind—and device—in 2016."


android home screen appScandinavian countries lead the world when it comes to electric car adoption—in fact, Norway’s fleet of plug-in electric vehicles is the largest per capita, globally. In response to this groundswell, Norwegian startup Meshcrafts provides solutions for smart urban mobility, including its app for finding electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Electric Vehicle

Meshcrafts are connecting all the stakeholders in e-mobility. Empowering the way to a zero emission, no hassle society. By connecting one charging point at the time.

"Rest assured that the best is yet to come from Scandinavia’s lively community of tech innovators and startup ecosystems. Be sure to keep these groundbreaking startups in your sights as they expand their products and services to other global markets."

Other companies on the list is:

2. Husfy

3. iZettle

4. MusiClock

5. EdQu

6. Tespack

7. Sqore

8. Unacast

9. Issuu

10. Truecaller

11. Stay.com

12. Yogaia

13. Gobi

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source: https://www.techflier.com/2016/09/04/13-scandinavian-tech-startups-you-need-to-know-about-in-2016/ 

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