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12 outstanding Oslo start-ups to watch in 2018

15.des.2017 15:31:51

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is considered to be a paradise for start-ups. There are many events such as ”Startup Weekend Oslo” three times a year and ”Mesh afterwork” every month where founders with new ideas and big drams can come to get in touch with other founders and investors and hopefully start the process of making the dream come true. Oslo is also considered to be a marvel of the technology world. Well-known products such as the popular browser called Opera and the fast-growing, game-based learning application and website Kahoot was born here.

Silconrepublic.com has listed Companies to watch out for in 2018.

The next big thing from Oslo is Meshcrafts. 

Meshcrafts started as a student project at Norwegian University of Life Sciences in 2013, but has grown since then and developed new technology to facilitate the use of electric vehicles. Norway should be proud to have one of the largest concentrations of privately owned electric vehicles in the world, and Meshcrafts provides technology for real-time communication between the users and the providers of electrical chargers.  With the SmartCharge app, drivers will always find updated and customized data on  chargers based on information such as destination and the vehicle. Charging station owners on the other hand, will have access to useful data and statistics for thedaily operation as well as for the development of new services. 


It is clear that there is a need for Meshcrafts’ services in Norway, where people have embraced the electric vehicles and access to electrical chargers have become a must-have for many car owners. Therefore, Meshcrafts will keep on working for user-friendly solutions for both users and providers of electrical chargers in the future and expects 2018 to be an important year.

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