Are you planning to set up new EV charging stations? Or are you looking for a better system for operating and managing an existing system?

SmartCharge is a vendor-independent charge point management system (CPMS) for Electric Vehicles (EV's). The system provides a comprehensive overview of your charging infrastructure, with predictability and full control of each charging point. The solution is scalable and has unlimited capacity.


SmartCharge is OCPP 1.6 fully certified by the Open Charge Alliance (OCA).  The certification means our product is fully based on adopting the open industry standard Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), now and in the future. 

The system includes both SmartCharge U, for EV owners. And SmartCharge Control, for administrators.

SmartCharge – just charge.

We are committed to constant innovate and to expand with the support of open protocols, providing support for all the different charger types and continue to be our customers preferred choice for deployment of smart and sustainable EV charging infrastructure,
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SmartCharge Control – for administrators

  • Real-time information about the charging station
  • Total energy consumption
  • Price setting
  • Bill presentment and invoicing
  • Multiple payment options
  • Support
  • Load balancing and energy capacity management

SmartCharge Control simplifies daily operations of EV charging stations.

SmartCharge U – for EV owners

  • Find available EV charging stations
  • Start/stop charging
  • Pay
  • Monitor charging in real-time
  • See orders and usage history

SmartCharge U – just charge.


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Start & stop




View your customers by user group and price category as needed. Users pay only for their own usage, and aggregate invoices can also be generated for companies or owners of EV fleets. You can set the price per KWh, time, idle fee, per use or a combination of these.



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SmartCharge optimizes available capacity in the charging station, resulting in lower energy costs and overall increased utilization of capacity. In other words: More cars can charge at the same time, without any physical upgrades of the electrical system.

Control the charger's power output by adjusting charging times and distributing available capacity between the chargers.

The system enables dynamic control of the charging station, always in sync with available energy capacity.

Limited charging station capacity? - Distribute the energy

SmartCharge can distribute the charging station’s available capacity according to the users’ willingness to pay and energy needs. It also can balance the load of all the users of the charging station, generating more savings for the charging station.

Energy management with SmartCharge reduces the need to upgrade a building's energy capacity. It allows you to cut the costs of installation, operation and future expansion.

With SmartCharge, each charger can be individually adjusted to deliver power according to capacity (continuously 0-32A). Chargers using the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) are commonly equipped with built-in power meters. SmartCharge can retrieve data from the power meter in the main board for each system if needed.

An energy management controller communicates with the smart charging stations and provides the following benefits:


  • Reduction of investment costs by eliminating the need for new infrastructure (transformer, intake cable, etc.).
  • Avoidance of costly power excess charges and overall power supply costs.
  • Maximum power access to the charging stations.
  • Prevention of power failure due to overload and the extra costs from overconsumption.
  • Elimination of shutdowns as the power meter will prevent the total power draw from exceeding the limit.
  • Overall power management through easy integration with central power management systems utilized by larger buildings or infrastructure.



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