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Suitable charging infrastructure are becoming increasingly important

Aug 9, 2018 10:34:21 AM

Nowhere else in the world you find so many electric cars on the roads as in Scandinavia. The IEA - International Energy Agency - estimated that by 2020, approximately twenty million electric vehicles will populate the streets worldwide. Reason enough for the Norwegian start-up Meshcrafts to develop a platform for all the stake holders involved in the electromobility market. SmartCharge is a real-time platform connecting charging stations, operators and EV-drivers.

The expansion and coordination of a suitable charging infrastructure are therefore becoming increasingly important. In Norway, this problem is known. The team of the start-up at Meshcrafts has found a way with the SmartCharge concept to bring together suppliers and users in the field of electromobility. The software, consisting of an app and a dashboard, allows drivers to find suitable charging stations based on specific parameters and supports operators in managing their charging station. This enables a more dynamic pricing and counteract the anxiety e-drivers are facing at the same time. - The German consumer portal for Smart Home, Electromobility and Internet of Things (IoT)  evaluates how the SmartCharge platform can solve future challenges of the EV-market.

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Anja Westlye

Written by Anja Westlye

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