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Fjell municipality chooses SmartCharge

Feb 20, 2021 4:41:17 PM

Fjell, a municipality outside of Bergen on the west cost of Norway, has chosen Meshcrafts for their charging infrastructure. With Meshcrafts’ solution, SmartCharge the municipality can manage the infra structure and have full control of the charging, both of their own cars and employees and for visitors and citizens.

Fjell kommune

Bilde: Ordfører Marianne Bjorøy

The software offered is the SmartCharge platform developed on the Micorsoft Azure cloud solution.
The contract includes control system for both existing and new charging stations. Since the SmartCharge platform is vendor independent the clients can select between a wide range of charging boxes. The SmartCharge plaform connects all the municipality’s chargers and gives them their own charging network. All chargers will be available to the public when not in use by the service cars in the community in SmartCharge App. The charging station owners can set price of the charging, ig free charging for the employees of the municipality and charging at a given rate to visitors. SmartCharge helps plan the charging by taking the different users’ needs into account.

The municipality’s transport services like home care providers, maintenance, gardening, etc. aims to be fully electrified in the next years. Having control of their own network of chargers is the first step towards reaching this goal.

Norway is world leader when it comes to number of EVs per inhabitant. Now state and counties show increasingly interests in building charging infrastructure for the benefit of their citizens and leading the way in electrifying the transport sector.

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Tom Orvei

Written by Tom Orvei

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