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Energy company Hurum Energi chooses SmartCharge

Feb 20, 2021 10:20:52 AM

After an extensive process, Hurum Energi has chosen Meshcrafts as its partner for delivery of a charging solution to its customers. Hurum Energi and its subsidiary SmartLiv will develop solutions for smart homes and energy companies in collaboration with Meshcrafts based on the SmartCharge platform.


- We are very proud that Hurum Energi and SmartLiv have chosen Meshcrafts AS as a software supplier for electric car charging for their customers. With our SmartCharge platform, we make it very easy for Hurum Energi's customers to control their chargers and contribute the future with smart grids, says Åsmund Møll Frengstad in Meshcrafts.

The agreement means that Hurum Kraft's customers will be offered smart charging solutions for electric cars together with other smart solutions for control and optimization of their energy use. Hurum Kraft offers a complete package to its customers with chargers, control and installation of the chargers. They can also supply energy to the charger.

Increasing interest in smart solutions

- We have already installed Meshcraft's SmartCharge solution at our customers sites and see a huge interest in smart charging solutions. Combined with Smartliv's other services, Hurum can deliver a complete solution for charging in the smart grid of the future, says Christian Aakermann.


About Hurum Energi

Hurum Energi owns the energy company Hurum Kraft, which supplies energy to customer all over Norway, and the grid company Hurum Nett, which distributes energy in Hurum. They are the main owner of Smartliv and owned by Asker Municipality.



Meshcrafts with the product SmartCharge, is a software supplier to EV operators and service providers, accelerating the plug-in EV industry’s dynamic and continuous transformation. Built on certified and open industry standards, our intelligent, cloud-based platform spans EV operations, energy management, extensive billing capabilities, home, public and workplace charging.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Meshcrafts’s passionate team of energy experts and engineers serve customers currently in 5 countries and growing fast. Developing the leading-edge solutions to customers who need to make the transition to electric mobility. We provide our solutions to network operators and providers with a scalable, hardware-agnostic platform, generating profits for the largest charging networks and new market entrants. Today, SmartCharge manages thousands of EV chargers, which are used by more than 50,000 EV drivers monthly.

The customer list includes strong brands such as Ladeklar, Wennstrom, Datek and Bravida.

Tom Orvei – CEO, Meshcrafts AS
P: +47 480 70 454

Åsmund Møll Frengstad

Written by Åsmund Møll Frengstad

Åsmund Møll Frengstad is the founder of Meshcrafts and works as Commercial Director i the company.